Monday, June 30, 2008

My Grown-up Little Princess

Born in July 2000, Norlaila Zafirah is very special to our family. Being the youngest amongst the siblings, she is twelve (12) years younger than her elder brother, Munzir.
Munzir is presently waiting for the confirmation of his examination result to pursue his studies in Medicine at the University of Leeds, England in September this year. He will be the second son to pursue his studies overseas following the footstep of his elder brother, Abdullah Al-Hadi who is studying Bio-Technology Engineering at the Brisbane University, Queensland, Australia. Hadi'd elder brother (Tawfiq) is going to the second year at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) doing Electrical Engineering while the eldest among the siblings is working in the FinanceSection of SAFF Consultants in Bangi, Selangor.
When Zafirah was born, the cry of a baby has returned to the house after twelve years silence. Her coming to this world was not planned, it is a gift from Allah.

Zafirah was sent to Tadika Ehsan at the University Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai when she was five. After two years at the kindergarten, she was registered at Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Hidayah, Kpg. Maju Jaya, Johor. She plies to school by bus which takes about 40 minutes each way. Normally, she will be back from school at about 2.45 p.m., feeling tired and exhausted.
Zafirah seems to enjoy her school days very much. She has improved academically for the past two years having secured 2nd. position in class after being in the two digits number when she first started schooling.

So, everyday, Zafirah's enthusiasm motivates all of us in the family to prepare and take life as it come to prepare her for the days and years ahead. With the present daily happenings and uncertainties facing our lives now, we will strive to make sure Zafirah endeavour to pursue knowledge and prepare her for the future is uninterrupted. In the end, we can only plan but Allah will determine the actual fate that lies ahead.
May Allah make our little princess, Zafirah and her brothers and sister His obedient servants that will serve humanity in the future. And may they continue making doa for their parents after both of them have passed away, Ameen.

Hopeful Parents, Taman Sri Pulai, Johor.