Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life-Promise and Life Sentence..

I always remind my youngest daughter not to watch tv too close the tv set as she may spoil her eyes too soon. In my family, everyone is wearing spectacle except me and her so I hope she will not be found guilty and 'sentence to life 'wearing spectacle' while she is only coming to 8 years old..
In fact there are many life-sentences that have been imposed on people around us nowadays.
Some may have to go through dialysis every alternate day and some have to have insulin injection to his or her body. The lighter sentence may be just be 'wearing spectacles', but they are all what I normally referred to as 'life-sentences'.

Three years ago, I was also sentenced by a medical doctor to a life-sentence having to take a high-blood pressure tablet daily called Atenolol. Although the dose is only 50mg, I have been taking it since the last three years and will have to continue taking it until I die. So, whether we like it or not, when we received a life-sentence judgement from our doctor, we have to abide by it and follow it without fail if we want to stay alive carrying out our daily activities as normal as it could possible be.

Here I would like to re-collect an incident regarding our existence in this world. In fact, all of us have solemnly declared (and may be have forgotten) and accepted that Allah is our Creator and we will worship Him and follow all His commands. It is a life-promise which we had made being a Muslim at our own will, without anybody forcing us to do so.
So, this 'life-promise' must be fulfilled by all of us regardless we still remember the occasion or not. Allah has reminded us about the promise we had made in Surah Al-A'raff (Juz 9) :
'Dan (ingatlah wahai Muhammad) ketika Tuhanmu mengeluarkan zuriat anak-anak Adam (turun-temurun) dari (tulang) belakang mereka, dan Ia jadikan mereka saksi terhadap diri mereka sendiri, (sambil Ia bertanya dengan firman-Nya) : "Bukankah Aku Tuhan kamu ?" Mereka semua menjawab
: "Benar (Engkaulah Tuhan kami), kami menjadi saksi". Yang demikian supaya kamu tidak berkata pada hari kiamat kelak : "Sesungguhnya kami adalah lalai (tidak diberi peringatan) tentang (hakikat tauhid) ini". '......(ayat 172)

May Allah give us strength to carry out that Life-Promise and Life-Sentence until our last breathe...Ameen Ya Rabb 'alameen. To Him shall we return and to Him shall we be questioned on our accountability in this world..