Monday, June 30, 2008

My Grown-up Little Princess

Born in July 2000, Norlaila Zafirah is very special to our family. Being the youngest amongst the siblings, she is twelve (12) years younger than her elder brother, Munzir.
Munzir is presently waiting for the confirmation of his examination result to pursue his studies in Medicine at the University of Leeds, England in September this year. He will be the second son to pursue his studies overseas following the footstep of his elder brother, Abdullah Al-Hadi who is studying Bio-Technology Engineering at the Brisbane University, Queensland, Australia. Hadi'd elder brother (Tawfiq) is going to the second year at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) doing Electrical Engineering while the eldest among the siblings is working in the FinanceSection of SAFF Consultants in Bangi, Selangor.
When Zafirah was born, the cry of a baby has returned to the house after twelve years silence. Her coming to this world was not planned, it is a gift from Allah.

Zafirah was sent to Tadika Ehsan at the University Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai when she was five. After two years at the kindergarten, she was registered at Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Hidayah, Kpg. Maju Jaya, Johor. She plies to school by bus which takes about 40 minutes each way. Normally, she will be back from school at about 2.45 p.m., feeling tired and exhausted.
Zafirah seems to enjoy her school days very much. She has improved academically for the past two years having secured 2nd. position in class after being in the two digits number when she first started schooling.

So, everyday, Zafirah's enthusiasm motivates all of us in the family to prepare and take life as it come to prepare her for the days and years ahead. With the present daily happenings and uncertainties facing our lives now, we will strive to make sure Zafirah endeavour to pursue knowledge and prepare her for the future is uninterrupted. In the end, we can only plan but Allah will determine the actual fate that lies ahead.
May Allah make our little princess, Zafirah and her brothers and sister His obedient servants that will serve humanity in the future. And may they continue making doa for their parents after both of them have passed away, Ameen.

Hopeful Parents, Taman Sri Pulai, Johor.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Puspa & Hazim

Tanggal 29-Jun-2008 bersamaan 25-Jamadul-akhir-1429, adik iparku Puspa Velly telah melangsungkan perkahwinannya dengan Sdr. Hazim, berasal dari Kelantan dan kini menetap di Kuang, Selangor. Aku serta isteri dan semua anak-anakku yang berada di Malaysia (seorang di Australia) telah hadir meraikan hari bahagia adik iparku tersebut.
Upacara 'akad nikah telah disempurnakan oleh bapa mertuaku sendiri, Tn. Hj. Abdul Ghani Kashmir, seorang pesara Nazir Sekolah-sekolah Persekutuan di rumahnya berhadapan Masjid Kpg. Asam Jawa, Kuala Selangor. Upacara aqad nikah telah selesai dijalankan pada jam 11.00 pagi.
Majlis ini telah dijalankan dengan meriahnya memandangkan Puspa meruapakan anak terakhir yang melangsungkan perkahwinannya di rumah yang belum pernah mengadakan sebarang khenduri kahwin sebelum ini.
Anggaran tetamu yang datang adalah lebih-kurang 1,600 orang dewasa (dari jumlah buah-tangan yang telah diberikan).. jika dikira dengan kanak-kanak, adalah dianggarkan seramai lebih 2,000 orang tetamu yang hadir. Alhamdulillah, majlis akad nikah dan jamuan makan telah berjalan dengan sempurna se hinggalah hujan turun dengan lebatnya di sertai angin kencang pada jam 4.00 petang. Selepas hujan masih ada tetamu yang datang meraikan pengantin serta memenuhi hajat tuan rumah sendiri.
Akhir kalam, Semoga Allah Memberkati kedua mempelai hingga ke akhir hayart mereka .. Ameen Ya Rabb 'alameen.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Old Pontian Road, Skudai

Once an old sleepy town of Taman Sri Skudai has bustled into a university town in 1984. The growth has also caused a chain reaction to the neighbouring Taman Universiti (Taman U), Taman Sri Pulai, Taman Teratai,Taman Sri Pulai Perdana, Taman Teratai and as far as Pekan Nanas and Ulu Choh.
Located at a junction between a trunk road Senai-Johor Bahru-Pontian, Sekudai has experienced a considerable growth since 1984 when Universiti Teknologi Malaysia has moved its main campus from Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur to Skudai, Johor. Skudai has become a synonym with UTM.
Early January 2008, the construction of a fly-over was completed an opened to vehicles to the relief of thousands of road users plying between Pontian, Pekan Nanas, Kangkar Pulai and Sekudai to Johor Bahru and vice-versa. The long-awaited fly-over has eliminated wasted waiting time to thousands of vehicles daily especially in the morning and evening. Vehicles' queue from Senai-JB Road into Pontian Road (Skudai) could be as long as two or three kilometer if no queue-cutting was practiced every evening. Today, there i practically no hassle at all if you were traveling from Pontian to JB or from Senai to JB and vice-versa. The only unfortunate issue (if it is to be labeled as unfortunate) is traffickers have to make two u-turns if they are coming from Senai to Taman Sri Skudai (TSS) as the original traffic light into TSS has been demolished to cater for the fly-over. Sometimes, a sacrifice has to be made by a small group of people in-lieu of benefits to be gained by thousands of others. Hopefully, the small sacrifice made by the people of Taman Sri Skudai for the sake of others will be rewarded in other forms, Insya-Allah.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

KLIA 10th. Anniversary

It has been quite sometime that I did not post anything in this blog...Just a bit bz ...
Last Sunday, I rushed to KLIA at around 10.30 p.m. to send my nephew, former SAFF Head of Admin & Finance Officer, Wan Fairuz Wan Chik. He was taking a flight to Amsterdam, Holland to present his proposal for a PhD in Human Resource & Management. Let us pray that his 1-week visit and presentation w\in Holland will bear some fruit for his future career development.
While at KLIA I accidently noticed few banners and posters bearing wordings KLIA ANNIVERSARY .... then I realised that it has been 10 years since KLIA was opened by the former Prime Minister. It seems that time has flown by too fast.. it is a sign of the Day of Reckoning is approaching us too.. may be faster than an aeroplane flying and touching down at KLIA..
Where was I 10 years ago i.e. sometime in 1998? Yes..yes... I remember now...
It was in 1998 when I was still struggling setting up SAFF Consultants and SAFF Testing and Supervising Services ... just 3 years after I resigned from my Chief Engineer post in UTM...
It was a big decision in my life... The reasons why I left... there are several ... :-))
One of the reasons : I was offered a place as a lecturer in Elect. Eng. faculty in UTM itself...
After receiving the offer, I consulted my (Acting) Pengarah Kerja at that time, Ir. Anton Alfred Sebastian, a senior JKR Civil Engineer seconded to UTM. He requested me to ask from the Registrar for a postponement for 2-3 months so that I could finish off some of my current jobs.
I was surprised to receive a reply from UTM Regitrar office stating that if I did not report for duty, the offer would be withdrawn and I have to re-apply again when I am ready ...
I was just wondering about the reply...was it made on purpose or was there any other reasons.. I could not accept the decision as I did not report for duty immediately not because of my own personal benefit BUT because the assignment I was still carrying on UTM projects... I was the UTM Chief Engineer then, responsible to matters pertaining to all project and maintenance issues in UTM..
Well, few months after that... I resigned at the age of 37 years old...
In 1998, I was 40 years old ... and now I am almost 50 years...
An old man who still strive to give whatever experience and knowledge to anyone who needs them...
Knowledge is from Allah and I am just a medium of transmission...
Those who need them are most welcome to see me or email to me...
Those who feel that I am very 'stingy' in departing my knowledge and experience, I am sorry for making you to feel that way...
I could not claim that the experience and knowledge is mine ..
I am just a medium of transmitter..
I could only give what I have (of course we could not give something that we don't own or have) ...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life-Promise and Life Sentence..

I always remind my youngest daughter not to watch tv too close the tv set as she may spoil her eyes too soon. In my family, everyone is wearing spectacle except me and her so I hope she will not be found guilty and 'sentence to life 'wearing spectacle' while she is only coming to 8 years old..
In fact there are many life-sentences that have been imposed on people around us nowadays.
Some may have to go through dialysis every alternate day and some have to have insulin injection to his or her body. The lighter sentence may be just be 'wearing spectacles', but they are all what I normally referred to as 'life-sentences'.

Three years ago, I was also sentenced by a medical doctor to a life-sentence having to take a high-blood pressure tablet daily called Atenolol. Although the dose is only 50mg, I have been taking it since the last three years and will have to continue taking it until I die. So, whether we like it or not, when we received a life-sentence judgement from our doctor, we have to abide by it and follow it without fail if we want to stay alive carrying out our daily activities as normal as it could possible be.

Here I would like to re-collect an incident regarding our existence in this world. In fact, all of us have solemnly declared (and may be have forgotten) and accepted that Allah is our Creator and we will worship Him and follow all His commands. It is a life-promise which we had made being a Muslim at our own will, without anybody forcing us to do so.
So, this 'life-promise' must be fulfilled by all of us regardless we still remember the occasion or not. Allah has reminded us about the promise we had made in Surah Al-A'raff (Juz 9) :
'Dan (ingatlah wahai Muhammad) ketika Tuhanmu mengeluarkan zuriat anak-anak Adam (turun-temurun) dari (tulang) belakang mereka, dan Ia jadikan mereka saksi terhadap diri mereka sendiri, (sambil Ia bertanya dengan firman-Nya) : "Bukankah Aku Tuhan kamu ?" Mereka semua menjawab
: "Benar (Engkaulah Tuhan kami), kami menjadi saksi". Yang demikian supaya kamu tidak berkata pada hari kiamat kelak : "Sesungguhnya kami adalah lalai (tidak diberi peringatan) tentang (hakikat tauhid) ini". '......(ayat 172)

May Allah give us strength to carry out that Life-Promise and Life-Sentence until our last breathe...Ameen Ya Rabb 'alameen. To Him shall we return and to Him shall we be questioned on our accountability in this world..

Monday, June 16, 2008

Working as long as my heart continues beating...

I had been posed with comments and remarks from those who care and closed to me.. 'You had been working so hard.. Saturday, Sunday, day and night.. you should stop sometimes and take a rest ' .. My answer is Yes... I would like to... but at the moment I think my energy is still needed to finish the unfinished jobs or to attend to those in need of my service..
As I am already coming to 50 years old, I know that I could not work or perform as what I used to do when I was 37 years when I started SAFF. I could feel the energy and appetite that had been drained over those years but as long as my heart still beating, I will try to do my level best to contribute in whatever way I could to satisfy people's need and to download all the experience I have to those who need them.
I don't have much money to become a philanthropist, I do not have a factory that could employ thousands of people, I am not a politician that could attend to peoples' need, I am not a doctor that could treat people when they fell sick and neither I am a lawyer that could defend the innocent but I am just a poor electrical engineer...
Look at the bottom left picture above... I was kneeling just to collect samples of transformer oil which was later be injected with 60,000 Volts of DC Voltage !!!!
I am not that cruel to inject such a voltage to a helpless transformer oil... it is a 'necessary evil' in order to ensure the oil is strong enough so as not to cause transformer failure that could create power disruption or accidents to personnel...
That is life... sometimes we have to hit hard on somebody to make sure that they work or get whatever they are supposed to get or achieve... We have to do it because we care and we have accountability in whatever we do...
So, Insya-Allah, as long as my heart keep beating, I will continue working without fear and favour and lending my hands and hearts out to those who need them...
May Allah Grant me forgiveness and ajr....

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Terima kasih Emak dan Abah...

Every year nowdays, people celebrate Mothers and Fathers' Days in May and June. This celebration has never entered my vocab when I was small until the last few years... then, both my parents had already returned to Allah...
It has been more than 20 years my father has passed away followed by my mother few years later. I really missed both of them as they passed away when I was just started my career as an Electrical Engineer. Alhamdulillah, I managed to design and called a contractor to supply and install electrical installation in my father's house (our house then) in 1983 when electricity was just introduced to my kampong by LLN. From that time on, I really missed the moment when I took over the job of starting the light every day in my house using gasoline lamp at sunset. The 'wonder lamp' has already disappeared from all our houses by now and I am still wondering how the fibric bulb can turn into a small fragile 'bulb' which could light the whole house. My dad had never explained that to me..
Nevertheless, there was countless moments spend together with my father which I had treassured until now. My father, who was a taxi driver, had worked very hard to feed his 16 children (from 2 wives).
May Allah Bless both of them and assemble them togteher with the syuhada', tabbi'in and solihin on the sacrifices thay had made to bring up the children. Although we never celebrated an official father's day when my father was still around, I think the celebration is always there everytime he came back home after a long and tiring journey, driving a taxi in serach of money to feed all of us.
We really miss you emak dan abah ....
Semoga segala pengorbanan yang telah dicurahkan membesarkan kami akan mendapat ganjaran berganda daripada Allah SWT ...
Sesungguhnya, anakmu ini akan sentiasa mendoakan untuk keduamu dan akan mengikut jejak mu pada bila-bila-bila masa sahaja...
Semoga Allah merestui doa dari anakmu yang penuh dengan dosa ini...

"Ya Allah...ampunilah aku dan kedua-dua ibu bapaku dan berikanlah Rahmat-Mu kepada kedua-duanya dan kasihanilah mereka sebagaimana mereka mengasihiku semasa aku kecil dahulu ..... Ameen, Ya Rabbal 'a lameen ... "

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taiping - My Alma Matter

I spend six years during my secondary school days at this Everlasting Peace town from 1971 t0 1976. My King Edward VII Secondary School is one of the oldest school in Malaysia (slightly younger than Penang Free School).
Nestling at the foot of Maxwell Hills, a resort built by the British during their brief rule of Malaya until 1957, lies this pensioners' home town where they choose to spend the rst of their remaining days. The hill resort is still a tourist attraction until today as its cool weather has made it suitable for the westeners.
Taiping is also well-known for its Lake Garden, formed by mining activities. Our history informs us that there were the two clans of Ghee Hin and Hai San who always fighting against each other to gain control of the mining rights before the British came. The first railway line of the country was build in 1884 linking Taiping to Port Weld, which acts as the port to export tin overseas.
Taiping is also known to be the town with heaviest rainfall in Malaysia (24 inches per year)..

What fascinates me is the panoramic views of Taiping Lake Garden.. Whenever I re-visited the town, normally I will just drive around the Lake garden just to appreciate the wonder of the earth bestowed to us by the Almighty Allah, The Creater.

So, this peceful Taiping town is worth a visit should any of you happen to pass through Changkat Jering on the North-South Highway to the north of the country.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Keindahan Pantai Sutera Resort

Kami berempat memulakan perjalanan dari pejabat di Bandar Seri Putra, Bangi jam 11.00 pagi menuju Kuala Terengganu. Perjalanan melalui Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2), Lebuhraya Karak, Lebuhraya Pantai Timur dan seterusnya melalui Kijal, Kemaman, Paka, Dungun, Chendering, Kuala Terengganu, Gong Badak dan seterusnya mengambil jalan ke Permaisuri, melintasi depan INSTEPP.
Kami terpaksa bermalam di Sutra Beach Resort yang telah kami tempah lebih awal walaupun ia terletak kira-kira 23 Km dari tempat kerja kerana ketiadaan tempat tinggal. Ini adalah kerana Terengganu adalah tuan rumah SUKMA 2008 yang akan berakhir pada Selasa 10-06-2008. Kami tiba jam 7.00 malam, selepas 8 jam perjalanan..
Kerana keletihan yang amat sangat memandu, aku tidak keluar makan malam tersebut kerana kehilangan selera.
Keesokan harinya aku bangun awal. Selepas solat subuh, aku terus ke pantai. Ini adalah rutin aku sekiranya bermalam di resort di mana-mana pantai Terengganu.
Alhamdulillah, di sekitar jam 7.00 - 7.15 pagi, sang suria telah menjenguk aku dari celah-celah awan dan kabus tebal di ufuk timur.. Subhanallah, indahnya kejadian Allah ini... Maha Suci Engkau Ya Allah...
Jika dilihat dari keindahan pantai ketika sang suria menjenguk dari celah-celah awan di pagi hari, memang cucuk nama Sutera Beach diberikan kepada tempat peranginan ini kerana pantainya putih/kuning keemasan seperti sutera/emas selepas dipancar matahari. Kepenatan yang dirasai pada malam hari hilang seketika apabila melihat keindahan pantai ini...
Setelah hampir 30 minit menikmati keindahan pantai yang disinari suria pagi, kami pun beredar untuk bersarapan pagi.

Jam 8.45 pagi kami bertolak ke Nankai Worseted (Terengganu) Sdn, Bhd, sebuah kilang membuat benang di daerah Gong Badak. Kami ke sini untuk menunaikan perjanjian dan pemilik kilang untuk melaksanakan kerja-kerja penyenggaran sistem 11-kV dan LV kilang tersebut...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sepagi di Pantai Residence Resort, Paka, Terengganu

Tanggal 26-Mei-2008 lalu aku berkesempatan berada di Residence Resort, Paka mengendalikan satu kursus kepada kakitangan Petronas Ammonia. Kursus Electrical Hazard ini adalah selama dua hari.
Sebelum matahari naik, seperti biasa aku akan cuba meluangkan masa bersendirian di pantai, menghirup udara nyaman serta melihat pukulan ombak yang menerpa pantai.
Pagi itu aku menyusur pantai ke sebelah kiri Residence Resort (RR), tempat aku bermalam. Di sebelah RR ini terdapat sebuah penempatan kecil yang tertegak beberapa buah rumah nelayan yang agak usang.
Sedang aku melihat persiapan seorang nelayan yang sedang menyiapkan botnya ke laut, tiba-tiba ku lihat suria menjengukkan mukanya dari arah timur.
Tanpa berlengah aku terus menukarkan fokus ku ke arah sang suria itu...Subhanallah..betapa indahnya cahaya yang sedang memancar, yang akan menyinari seluruh alam...
Seiring dengan nelayan yang menghidupkan enjin botnya ke laut, sang suria juga turut menampakkan dirinya, sedikit demi sedikit, menaburkan cahayanya mencecah lautan menuju ke pantai... Subhanallah ... Maha Suci Engkau Ya Allah, Yang Menjadikan Seluruh Alm dan Isinya...
Aku merasakan begitulah peristiwa yang berlaku setiap hari sejak berpuluh tahun yang lalu... si nelayan akan membelah laut mencari rezeki manakala cahaya sang suria akan mencecah permukaan laut menuju pantai, menerangkan seluruh alam..
Itulah peraturan alam yang telah ditetapkan oleh-Nya...
Semoga rezeki yang dicari oleh si nelayan untuk menyara keluarganya akan sentiasa diberkati Allah...
Semoga cahaya sang suria yang mencecah pantai akan menghidupkan semua tanaman...
memberikan sinar cahaya untuk membolehkan manusia melihat kejadian Allah...
mensyukuri segala nikmat yang diterima...
sehingga manusia kembali kepada-Nya..
Itulah pengajaran yang meniti di fikiranku dipagi itu...

Beberapa minit selepas mentari pagi menjangkau beberapa drjah di ufuk timur itu,
Aku bergegas ke bilik untuk bersiap ke kuliahku ...
Semoga pertemuan ini akan berulang di suatu masa kelak..
Ameen Ya Rabb 'alameen.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Minyak Oh Minyak ..

Dari petang semalam (4-Mei-2008) hingga tengah-malam, ratusan ribu kereta telah berbaris di semua stesen minyak di seluruh negara untuk mendapatkan petrol, disel dan gas pada harga lama. Mulai jam 12.01 tengah malam hari ini (5hb. Jun, 2008), harga petrol, disel dan gas telah dinaikkan oleh kerajaan.
Petrol yang dinaikkan dari RM1.92 sebanyak 40% ke RM2.70/liter
akan memberi kesan kepada semua pengguna kenderaan kecil atau besar. Begitu juga pengguna kenderaan enjin disel di mana harga disel telah dinaikkan sebanyak RM 1.00/liter.
Apa dah jadi kepada negara kita ?? Kita merupakan negara pengeluar minyak berkualiti tinggi dan keuntungan yang diperolehi sepatutnya boleh diagihkan kepada rakyat untuk menurunkan harga minyak biasa.
Kenaikan harga yang sangat tinggi ini perlu memberi kejutankepada rakyat jelata dan memikirkan kembali undi yang telah diberikan dalam pilihanraya baru-baru ini ...

Tiara Kesihatan

Ku terkenang usia yang hampir mencecah separuh abad, di mana biasanya orang kata "rumah kata pergi, kubur kata mari..."
Aku juga akur dengan kesihatan yang semakin menjamah usiaku. Kalau beberapa tahun lepas, aku boleh memandu kenderaan dari JB ke Terengganu dan terus ke KL di dalam bulan Ramadan semasa melaksanakan tugasan, kini kebolehan itu sudah beransur kurang.
Hujung Oktober, 2006 lalu, aku telah dimasukkan ke hospital akibat denggi. Mungkin Allah memberikan aku peluang untuk bertaubat, walaupun dah masuk ke ICU ketika jumlah platelets (sel darah merah) dah tinggal 18, Alhamdulillah, aku kembali sihat. Walau bagaimanapun, aku rasakan kesihatan selepas kejutan denggi itu tidak sama dengan sebelumnya.
Semalam, aku dikejutkan lagi dengan satu musibah yang walaupun sedikit, ia memberi kesan kepada aku. Pagi semalam, sekitar jam 8.10 pagi, tiba-tiba leherku tidak boleh menoleh ke kiri atau kanan atau mendongak ke atas atau ke bawah. Walaupun orang biasa kata 'silap bantal' kejadian itu berlaku selepas aku telah bangun, solat, sarapan pagi dan sedang menguruskan kerja pejabat aku. Alhamdulillah, di hujung hari kedua, leherku bertambah lembut dan sudah boleh menoleh ke kiri dan ke kanan tetapi masih terasa sakitnya.
Sememangnya manusia sentiasa lupa akan sebuah hadis yang msyhur, yang sentiasa mengingatkan kita tentang sakit. Peringatan yang juga dinasyidkan oleh kumpulan Raihan...

Ingatlah Lima Sebelum Lima; sihat sebelum sakit; muda sebelum tua; kaya sebelum miskin, lapang sebelum sempit dan hidup sebelum mati..

Satu kata pujangga yang masih aku ingat :
Kesihatan adalah sebuah tiara (mahkota) yang berada di atas kepala setiap orang yang sihat tetapi hanya dapat dilihat oleh orang yang sakit ...

Justeru itu, ku ingin mengingatkan diri ini yang sentiasa lupa, ambillah kesempatan yang masih ada, baki usia yang masih tinggal untuk menunaikan tanggungjawab kepada Allah dan orang-orang yang mempunyai haq ke atas diri kita.
Masa yang terluang hendaklah digunakan sepenuhnya mencari bekalan dunia untuk ke akhirat. Janganlah kita disibukkan oleh EPL, EURO2008, filem-filem ASTRO yang tak berkesudahan dan lain-lain program yang tidak memberikan pulangan yang lumayan kepada zahir dan bathin kita serta kehidupan akhirat kelak.
Gunakan baki masa yang masih ada untuk bertilawah (membaca al-quran), menghafal surah-surah Al-Quran dan memahami maknanya, menghafal doa-doa harian yang makthur atau membantu orang-orang yang memerlukan..
Semoga kita tidak menyesal kerana Lupakan Lima Sebelum Lima ...

Sekian, sedikit peringatan daripada insanyang selalu lupa. Semoga ada manfaatnya.

Renungan Maghrib ...

Petang tadi selepas waktu pejabat, aku telah diajak menziarahi satu blog ( semasa aku sedang membaca mel. Sebenarnya, aku tidak mengenali siapa bloggernya tetapi sekadar ingin menjenguk ruang depannya. Aku tertarik dengan satu kisah yang dipaparkan dan diakhiri dengan paragraf berikut :

Dalam hidup ini, banyak kali kita merasa dikecewakan, depressi, dan sakit hati. Sesungguhnya tak perlu menghabiskan waktu memikirkan hal-hal tersebut. Hidup ini penuh dengan keindahan, kesukacitaan dan pengharapan. Mengapa harus menghabiskan waktu memikirkan perkara yang buruk, mengecewakan dan menyakitkan jika kita boleh menemukan banyak hal-hal yang indah yang baik dan yang boleh kita terima di sekeliling kita? Kita akan menjadi orang yang berbahagia jika kita mampu melihat dan bersyukur untuk hal-hal yang baik dan mencuba melupakan yang buruk.

Aku sebenarnya terkenang akan kerjayaku sejak 26 tahun ini sebagai seorang jurutera. Sebenarnya, aku mensyukuri peluang dan rezeki yang Allah SWT berikan sejak tahun 1982 apabila aku mula-mula ditawarkan kerja di JKR Caw. Eektrik KL.
Walau bagaimanapun, sejak akhir-akhir ini aku agak kecewa dengan sikap yang ditunjukkan oleh sesetengah klien yang menjadi pelanggan perkhidmatan perundingan aku.

Bagi klien yang aku rasa lebih pandai daripada jurutera sendiri, aku tidak akan memperdulikan mereka ini... akan aku biarkan mereka dengan dunia khayalan mereka kerana apa yang cuba aku buat pada mata mereka semuanya salah dan tidak memenuhi cita-rasa mereka. Mereka hanya pandai mencari kesalahan kita sedangkan puncanya adalah daripada mereka sendiri. Kalau nak kata mereka tak faham, mereka adalah graduan belaka...

Berpegang dengan apa yang ku baca dalam blog tadi tu, aku akan melupakan mereka yang hanya membawa kedukaan dan kesedihan dalam hati ini... Akan ku tumpukan masa dan tenaga aku kepada mereka-mereka yang masih memerlukan tenaga, khidmat dan pandangan aku..

Ya Allah....lapangkan dada hambamu ini dalam menerima ketentuan-Mu ... Berikanlah aku kesabaran yang tinggi dalam menghadapi insan-insan yang tidak tahu apa itu pengorbanan dan keperitan hidup... Yang tidak tahu apa itu keberkatan daripada-Mu...
Yang tidak tahu erti Ar-Rizk Min-Allah
Yang merasakan tempat mereka mencari rezeki merupakan tempat untuk mereka memerah keringat orang lain .. Tempat untuk mencari kesalahan orang lain ... Tempat di mana segala kebaikan diterima tanpa terima kasih ... Sedikit kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh manusia yang lemah ini dijaja di sana sini... Terimalah segala amal-amal ku walaupun sebesar zarah sekalipun... Kerana aku berhajat kepada pahala-pahala dari-Mu... Ampuni aku sekiranya kesalahan ku lakukan sebesar zarah sekali pun.. Ampuni daku sekiranya di dalam hatiku terdapat sikap takbur kerana ilmu dan pengalaman yang telah kau berikan oleh-Mu .. Berkatilah saki-baki umurku untuk berbakti kepada ummah ini ... Ummah yang masih tercari-cari permata ilmu yang hilang ... Ummah yang masih dibuai mimpi indah di sianghari .. Ummah yang masih dibuai dengan pangkat 'Ketuanan Melayu' ... Kembalikanlah aku kepada-Mu dalam keadaan beriman dan beramal ... Ameen... Ya Rabb 'alameen ...

Maghrib 04-06-2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Iqra' ...

Ayat IQRA' merupakan satu yang paling sinonim dengan semua Muslim di dunia. Ia merupakan ayat pertama yang diminta Rasulullah S.A.W membacanya oleh malaikat Jibril sewaktu Rasulullah SAW menerima wahyu ketika diangkat menjadi Rasul di Gua Hira'.

Ayat yang membawa erti BACALAH ... merupakan rujukan utama umat Islam terutama apabila membicarakan tentang menuntut ilmu dan falsafah ilmu itu sendiri.

Berdasarkan rujukan unggul inilah, adalah dirasakan pihak pengurusan Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) telah membina sebuah arca yang dibuat dari Stainless Steel di bulatan utama pintu masuk Utama USIM, berhadapan bangunan pentadbirannya. Arca yang dilengkapi dengan perkataan IQRA' itu akan menjadi tumpuan pertama setiap pengunjung, pekerja, pelajar, ibu bapa dan siapa sahaja yang memasuki kampus ini.

Adalah diharapkan USIM akan memertabatkan ilmu ini ke tempat yang sepatutnya di mana proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran, bukan sahaja kepada para pelajarnya, malahan kepada semua kakitangan serta insan-insan lain yang terlibat dengan pembangunan serta pentadbiran IPTA ini.
Segala urusan harian dari bermulanya pembinaan kampus hinggalah ke proses penggunaan danpentadbirannya hendaklah berlandaskan kepada konsep IQRA' ini di mana segala urusan hendaklah berasaskan kepada ILMU yang Allah berikan dan digunakan ke jalan yang betul.
Maksud :
Bacalah (wahai Muhammad) dengan nama Tuhanmu yang menciptakan (sekelian makhluk), Ia menciptakan manusia dari sebuku darah beku....
(Surah Al-'Laq, ayat 1-2)

Surah ke-96 ini diturunkan di Makkah mengandungi 19 ayat. Ia dinamakan al-'Alaq yang membawa maksud 'sebuku darah beku'.

Di antara pengajaran dari ayat-ayat surah ini ialah :
  1. Allah Tuhan Semesta Alam, Yang Maha Esa dan Maha Kuasa, yang wajib diingati dan dipatuhi dalam semua keadaan;
  2. Manusia yang telah diciptakan oleh Allah Ta'ala dalam sebaik-baik keadaan dan diberikan berbagai keistimewaan berbanding dengan makhluk-makhluk yang lain;
  3. Nikmat ilmu pengetahuan telah diajarkan oleh Allah Ta'ala kepada manusia melalui pena dan tulisan;
  4. Allah Ta'ala menggambarkan sifat-sifat dan tabi'at sesetengah manusia : Apabila ia senang lenang dan banyak hartanya, ia berlaku sombong bongkak, lupakan Allah yang mengurniakan nikmat kepadanya, tidak menghiraukan suruhan Allah dan larangan-Nya, sehingga akhlak dan budi pekertinya tidak lagi berperi-kemanusiaan..
(petikan dari Tafsir Pimpinan Ar-Rahman, m.s.1703)

Semoga tertegaknya arca IQRA' ini akan sentiasa memberikan peringatan kepada kita tentang ilmu serta kejadian diri kita yang akan kembali kepada-Nya kelak.

Sharifah Aliyyah' Wedding

On 31-May-2008, my family and I drove to Gurun, Kedah to attend an old friend's 1st. daughter's wedding. We drove from JB to Taiping on 30-5-2008 and put up a night at my sister's house in Taiping. The journey was a tiring one as it is a school holiday. At Tapah R&R, we took almost an hour to have dinner and performed our prayers. We reached Taiping at about 11.00 p.m.
On Saturday, we departed Taiping to Gurun and attended the wedding. I met Prof Dr. Jasmi Yunus & wife, Prof Dr Mustafa Kamal (FKKKSA), En. Ismaal, Dr. Aziz Hassan (ex-UTM TNC) and of course the bride's father, Tn Syed Famy..
We left the wedding at about 2.30 pm and reached JB at about 2.00 a.m. 1st-June, 2008 after clocking about 1,200 Km journey...
May Allah accept our journey to attend the Waleemah and especially to ziarah our long time neighbour and friend.
May Allah Bless both the Bride and Bridegroom and their parents... and may their wedding knot will last forever...Ameen..

USIM - Landscape Lighting

One of the remaining projects SAFF has at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) is Landscape Lighting. The project was awarded last year and supposed to be tested and commissioned by now. On the 21-May-2008 recently, a preliminary view of the installation was carried out. Present during the preview were Mr. Richard (Archtectural Lighting), Pn. Fadzilayaty (SAFF Sen. EE). Syed Abd. Hadi (SAFF EE), Zaki (contractor), ANZ Landscape Architect and me (SAFF Photographer). Remaining issues to be settled are : 1. Lighting for the Iqra' Arca - apparently that there is not enough light shining to the top of the arca. It is suggested that the perimeter light fittings are to be mounted further away from the central pool on 1 meter high bollards. The architect (ANZ) will come out with the details. 2. Apparently, there is not enough lights on the water cascades in-front of the Admin Block. Actually, about 20-30% of the original light fitting were OMITTED from the original contract (cost-cutting exercise). USIM Landskape Architect has asked SAFF to re-propose the additional light fittings at the water cascade. Enclosed some of the photographs taken during the Project Prelim. Review.