Sunday, June 1, 2008

USIM - Landscape Lighting

One of the remaining projects SAFF has at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) is Landscape Lighting. The project was awarded last year and supposed to be tested and commissioned by now. On the 21-May-2008 recently, a preliminary view of the installation was carried out. Present during the preview were Mr. Richard (Archtectural Lighting), Pn. Fadzilayaty (SAFF Sen. EE). Syed Abd. Hadi (SAFF EE), Zaki (contractor), ANZ Landscape Architect and me (SAFF Photographer). Remaining issues to be settled are : 1. Lighting for the Iqra' Arca - apparently that there is not enough light shining to the top of the arca. It is suggested that the perimeter light fittings are to be mounted further away from the central pool on 1 meter high bollards. The architect (ANZ) will come out with the details. 2. Apparently, there is not enough lights on the water cascades in-front of the Admin Block. Actually, about 20-30% of the original light fitting were OMITTED from the original contract (cost-cutting exercise). USIM Landskape Architect has asked SAFF to re-propose the additional light fittings at the water cascade. Enclosed some of the photographs taken during the Project Prelim. Review.