Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taiping - My Alma Matter

I spend six years during my secondary school days at this Everlasting Peace town from 1971 t0 1976. My King Edward VII Secondary School is one of the oldest school in Malaysia (slightly younger than Penang Free School).
Nestling at the foot of Maxwell Hills, a resort built by the British during their brief rule of Malaya until 1957, lies this pensioners' home town where they choose to spend the rst of their remaining days. The hill resort is still a tourist attraction until today as its cool weather has made it suitable for the westeners.
Taiping is also well-known for its Lake Garden, formed by mining activities. Our history informs us that there were the two clans of Ghee Hin and Hai San who always fighting against each other to gain control of the mining rights before the British came. The first railway line of the country was build in 1884 linking Taiping to Port Weld, which acts as the port to export tin overseas.
Taiping is also known to be the town with heaviest rainfall in Malaysia (24 inches per year)..

What fascinates me is the panoramic views of Taiping Lake Garden.. Whenever I re-visited the town, normally I will just drive around the Lake garden just to appreciate the wonder of the earth bestowed to us by the Almighty Allah, The Creater.

So, this peceful Taiping town is worth a visit should any of you happen to pass through Changkat Jering on the North-South Highway to the north of the country.