Saturday, July 26, 2008

Zafirah's Eighth Birthday

Today is the 8th. birthday of my youngest daughter, Nurlaila Zafirah. She is now in Standard Two at Sekolah Rendah Islam Al-Hidayah, Kpg. Sinaran, Selong, Johor Bahru.

Being the youngest in the family and the only one still schooling, she has to mend everything on her own, without the guide or company of a sister or brother. Such path is normally taken by the eldest in the family. However, since she is 12 years younger than her brother, she has to go through the experience similar to the eldest in the family. So far she is coping well.

It is our family tradition that everybody's birthday is never celebrated by throwing a party. We normally buy a cake and the birthday boy or girl just cut the cake with a Basmillah, no Happy Birthday jingle was sung.
For this 8th. birthday occasion, mama baked a Black Forest cake with black cherry decoration and I bought few slices of White Chocolate Mecademia Cake and Tiramisu Cake. The later cakes were bought to complement the former cake icing which did not harden when cooled.

The whole family prays to Allah for Zafirah's well-being and hopefully she will grow up to become a responsible person to serve the world for the hereafter, Ameen Ya Rabb 'alameen..