Monday, July 7, 2008

Continue Your Mission, abang ..

Last Sunday, my eldest son Tawfiq, also known as abang in my family, just completed his 2-month long semester holidays and is going to his Second Year at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). He will be missed most by my youngest daughter, Zafirah as his brother was most of the time at home accompanying her at home for the past 2 months.

During his long holiday, Tawfiq was a chauffeur to her mom, Computer Technician to SAFF Consultants, Testing Technician to SAFF Testing and doing many other odd jobs.

So, the resting time is over and the struggle in the second year just begins.

Just some wishes from ayah & the family to you :
1. Just forget what happened at UTP;
2. Keep up with your performance in the last semester (CGPA = 3.8) or make it better;
3. Concentrate on your study first as you have big responsibilities ahead;
4. Do not be complacent of what we have now, which will not last forver;
5. Make Doa for me and your mom always;
6. Perform your duties towards Allah without fail ...

You have a mission to accomplish and may all your effort be rewarded by Allah SWT .... Ameen.

LoL from Ayah...