Sunday, July 27, 2008

Persian Cat named Kabu

The many faces of Kabu, a 1-yr old Persian Cat

My eldest daughter, Hidayah has a Persian Cat pet named Kabu.
Kabu is about a year old now and has been around the house should Hidayah comes back to JB during week end.
This cat is different from other cats due to the fact that it never mixed with any other cat. As such, it always plays alone and very alert when it sees any new item not familiar to its environment.

The many positions, a 1-yr old Persian Cat

The cat has always been the point of attention when it ia around although it did like the attention given. Sometimes, it just sit quietly under a chair or in a room if it is not hungry. It is quite a well-behaved cat although when she was about 3-4 months old, it would bite all electrical cables especially telephone charger leads. Few nos of telephone charger leads in this house had become victim to Kabu's shrp teeth. So, beware when you want to charge your hand phones, hid it somewhere so that Kabu does not notice it ... Take Care..