Sunday, July 13, 2008

Berjaya Hill Resort, Bukit Tinggi

At around 9.30 a.m., we drove to Berjaya Hill Resort, Bukit Tinggi which is about 5 km from Selesa Hill Home apartment. Aparently, BHR Bkt Tinggi is one of the tourist attractions in the area. There are four avenues that could be visited by just paying one-time entrance fee of RM16.00 (adult) and RM8.00 for a child.

Beautiful sites of Colma Tropicale
They are :
1. Colma Tropicale (resemblance of a French Town);
2. Japanese Tea Garden & Botanical Garden;
3. Rabbit Farm & Horse Trail
4. Berjaya Golf & Country Club

The Colma Tropicale

An abstract from an avid tourist (Jan Leow dated 29-Aug-2006) who wrote :

Berjaya Hills (Bukit Tinggi Resort) nestled within a 6,400ha of lush greenery in Pahang, has a wide variety of interesting offers. It is located about 45 minutes away for the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, and with Genting Highlands around the corner, Berjaya Hills (Bukit Tinggi Resort) wants to vie the crowds of Kuala Lumpur to have another choice for a nearby highlands resort.

But at 2,700 feet above sea level, it is still does not have the cool climate weather as the other highlands like Cameron Highland, Fraser's Hills, Genting Highlands, and Bukit Larut. Even without the cool weather, Berjaya Hills offerings can still rival that of nearby Genting Highlands. Because of its relative close proximity to Kuala Lumpure city, you could actually plan a simple day trip with your family or friends without having to stay overnight, much the same like a day trip to Genting Highlands.

Surrounded by 16,000 acres of tropical rainforest of Pahang, you can find within this resort the famous French theme resort known as Colmar Tropicale. The other popular theme retreat is also a must visit if you are planning a visit there is the Japanese Village and Gardens. I would say that these two themes - the Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Village & Gardens are the most popular amongst the visitors. The other two places would be more on personal special interest, and I did not even bother to try finding out where the Rabbit Park and Horse Trails is located within this resort.

We just visited the first two and a Rabbit Farm, which had taken more than 5 hours. The children had really enjoyed the visit and I really enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape and plants and flowers which have been planted here.

The Colmar Tropicale

The Japanese Tea Garden

The Japanese Tea Garden

The Botanical Garden

After spending about two and a half hours at the Colmar Tropicale and Japanese Tea Garden & Botanical Garden, we went to the Rabbit Farm. There are quite a handful of playful and tamed rabbits.

Rabbit Farm

We left the Berjaya Hills at about 3.45 p.m, feeling really exhausted and hungry.