Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bouquet of Roses

Rose is a flower that has a pleasant smell, and is usually red, pink, white, or yellow, or the bush that this grows on (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, page 1570).
In Malay, a rose flower is called Bunga Mawar.

Bouquet of Roses are normally used to grace formal ceremonies especially wedding occasion. This is due to its pleasant smell and outstanding colours. As roses are quite expensive, the flowers are normally accompanied by Carnation, which has the same colour as roses and has a sweet smell.
Recently, I had the opportunities attending two wedding occasions of my staff and sister-in-law. Both occasions were graced with red and yellow roses respectively. The smell and aroma produced by the roses was so pleasant.
Some of the common phrase that uses Rose as a comparative subject are :
1. not a bed of roses - if a job or situation which is not always pleasant;
2. put the roses back in his cheeks - make someone looks healthy again;
3. be coming up roses - be happening or developing in the best possible way;
4. not come out of something smelling of roses - a situation that makes you seems dishonest;

Although rose flowers are normally used to grace occasions or represent solace and sincere hearts, it is also used in Malay songs to mark the sadness or disappointment on someone. This sadness or hurts is due to the present of spiky thorn on its stalk. The most commonly words used to mark this sadness or hurting by someone is 'Mawar Berduri' which is literally translated into 'Thorny Roses' .