Saturday, July 19, 2008

Selesa Hills Home Outing Remembered

Our family outing at Selesa Hills Home, Bukit Tinggi from 11th. to 13th. July, 2008 is probably the last outing to be remembered where all original family members were present. Future gathering or reunion is most likely it will be organised with extended family members will be present (in-laws).
We pray to Allah for His forgiveness and hopefully we would be granted future gathering and could spend our time together again in the future as Abdullah Al-Hadi has flown to Australia to continue his Biotechnology Engineering course and Munzir will be flying to Leeds, UK to further his stidy in Medicine.

The challenge would be to get the two siblings from north and south continents together. May Allah Grant us the time to be together again soon, Ameen...

Skudai 20-July-2008