Sunday, August 10, 2008

Munzir IB Convocation 2008

Today is one of the memorable day again for Munzir. He received his Diploma in International Baccalaureate (Dip. IB) and Excellent Student Awards (top 30) from Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan & Koperasi (mewakili YB Datuk Noh Omar). All 368 Kolej Mara Banting (KMB) students passed the exam and KMB has topped the world's list in DIB performance. 5 of its students scored 100% (45/45) marks in the exam.

The convocation was held at Putrajaya International Convension Centre (PICC) from 8.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m today and about 1,000 people attended the occasion.
Although it was a tiring session, it was a memorable day for Munzir for having made another milestone in his study. He received Academic Excellent Award 2006 from the minister two years ago after obtaining 11 A1's in his SPM.

Munzir will continue his study at Leeds University, England starting this September 2008 until June 2103, and we pray to Allah to Grant him all the success in this world and in the hereafter...Ameen..

Lol from all in the family ..