Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Get Well Soon, Syed Hadi ...

Syed Hadi (with tanjak) on his wedding day [10-2-2008] and in full
PPE during the
commissioning of USIM 11-kV PMU on 11-11-2007

Last Sunday I received a phone call from my Testing and Service Engineer, Syed Abd. Hadi Syed Mustaffa. The surprise call from him brought along the surprise & sad news - he has broken his left leg .... Astaghfiru Allah ..

Syed Hadi was just married on the 10th. February, 2008 and has been working with SAFF Testing & Supervising Services since he came back from UK last year. He graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in Electrical/Electronic Engineering in 2007.

So, with him bed-ridden and will be out-of-work for the next 1-3 months, SAFF will be short of an engineer. We really hope that the broken bones could still be fused together as close as possible to the original and may this father-to-be be patience and persevere going through this hard and challenging time of his family life. May Allah Grant His Rahmah to the family... Ameen.