Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today is my 28th. Wedding Anniversary to my wife, Ismawati. We were married in Melaka on the 16th. August, 1980 after completing our 1st. year course in Electrical Engineering at Sheffield University, England.
We didn't have any special celebration to mark the occasion except that I just bought a strawberry cake to be shared within family members who are at home.

The anniversary reminded me that I had a married life of 28 years and wonder whether I had played my role as a husband, father, leader of the family, fried to the kids, companion to my wife as what should had been played according to the sunnah.
From my recollection, I think I did not play my various roles well enough to the satisfaction of every family member. Something that I am sure is that I had tried by best to play the different roles at different times.
I ask for the forgiveness from Allah and to my wife for any shortcoming and hardship which I had brought to the family during those 28 years.
With the remaining years that I have, I hope I could still improve and redeem myself on the shortcomings that I have.
May Allah Grant me strength and Guide me to the improve my roles.
To all my family members, just note that I am still what I was before except that I am getting older and more sensitive towards life issues. I will give my level best to make everybody happy and hope that Allah will me us beneficial to others until we were called back by Allah... Ameen..