Wednesday, August 27, 2008


1 - Safety Inspection on 132-kV Circuit Breaker (Etilina Malaysia)
2 - Safety Inspection at 22-kV Cast Resin Tx. (Idemitsu Pasir Gudang)
3 - Verifying 22-kV Volatge using Electronic Voltage Detector (ISM, PG)
4 - Live Phasing Test on 11-kV supply at TUDM Butterworth
5 - Discussion with Siemens Engineer Germany during F.A.T on Ring Main Unit
6 - Inspecting Cast Resin Tx (with the late Zulkifli Abdullah) in Belgium
7 - Discussion with Siemens Test Engineer in Germany
8 - Switching on 22-kV RMU at UTM Skudai
9 - Servicing 22-kV Siemens 8DJ10 Ring Main Unit
10 - Discussion on HV Lab Design at STRI (Swedish Transmission Research Institute), Sweden
11 - At SAFF Consultants Office, Vandar Seri Putra, Bangi, Selangor (2008)
12 - Just returned home from JKR Office on Saturday (Batik Shirt) in 1982/83

Today, 27-August-2008 is the 26th. year of my career as an Electrical Engineer. I started work at JKR Headquaters in Jalan Mahameru, KL on the 27-August, 1982 as a time-scale Electrical Engineer at Kumpulan D. Later, I was seconded to UTM Jalan Semarak, KL as a Maintenance Engineer and moved on to Skudai Campus in 1989 as a Senior Time Scale Electrical Engineer. In 1994 I was promoted to the Chief Engineer at Director of Works Office and in November, 1995 I resigned from UTM to form SAFF Consultants, an M&E Consulting Engineers firm.
I continued working as an Electrical Engineer whereby I managed to obtain by Professional Membership status (Ir) in 1987, my Competent Engineer Status in 1992 and my Service Engineer status in 1994.

During my tenure in UTM, I had been to Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, UK and France attending Factory Acceptance Test (F.A.T) on equipment procured for the campus development projects. Those trips had enlightened me on certain products and increased my knowledge on the equipment manufacturing and handling.

I had also been given opportunity to engage in several projects and servicing & testing works all over the country. Among the projects involved were LISRAM (Langkawi International ShootingRange of Malaysia) used during the Commonwealth Games in Malaysia, commissioning of 33/11-kV supply system for TUDM Butterworth, testing and commissining of 33/11/6.6 and LV systems at MLNG 3 plant in Bintulu, Sarawak.

I also had opportunities to design High Voltage (22/11-kV) infrastructure system for few university campuses in the coiuntry such as UTM, USIM and UTHM.
The last 26 years have been wonderful years of my career and I really thanked Allah for Granting me such a memorable time and experiences and I hope I could use the knowledge and experiences gained to guide the young and budding engineers in achieving something more beneficial in their engineering career...Ameen..