Friday, September 26, 2008

SAFF Consultants

That's the name of my company which was formed in 1995. Alhamdulillah, until now, the company has grown from 3 staff to about 15 now with two main services offered to the clients vis. Consultancy and Inspection & Testing Services.
The word SAFF actually came from Surah As-SAFF one of the 114 surahs in the Holy Quran Al-Kareem. SAFF means Rows or Barisan in Malay Language. It is also signifies a straight row when muslims perform their congegational prayer..
What has been expected by using the word SAFF is that all staff will be united together towards achieving one goal and having the same mission in giving the best and quality services to the customers.

Let us hope what that has been expired by the founder come true... Ameen..