Sunday, November 2, 2008


It is not that I love cars so much..
Cars are just means for transportation...
One of the means to transport you from a place to another...
In search of a living to support your staff and families..
However, as a human
After being transported all over the country for the past six years..
The same car has just become a close companion to you ..
That is my 4th. Volvo Car..
A V70 Cross Country XC70 model which I bought in 2002 ..

This car has ferried me all across the country ..
It has brought me to Padang Besar to carry out some services work..
It has driven me through pitch of darkness across Mu'azam District to Kuantan..
It has brought me and my family to UUM in Sintok ..
It has brought me and my staff to Gong Badak for various job assignments..
It has brought me so many times to Kerteh in Terengganu..
It has brought me to see my siblings..
It has brought me for numerous meetings with clients and associates..
It had entered various project sites to verify the contractors' works..
It had ferried me to Port Klang, Butterworth, Tg. Langsat, Rompin for various assignment..
It has ferried me and my children to Bandar Penawar for 5 years..
Sending and picking my four children from SMS Bandar Penawar ..
Plying weekly between Skudai and Kuala Lumpur for the past six years ..
and numerous other places in the country without any problem..

It has clocked 232,244 km since it was first met me..
An average of 106 km per day !!!
Despite two minor accidents, the car really serviced me without a major problem..

Although you are just a machine ..
Being together with you for the past six years had made the separation diffiucult for me..
I hope I had given you your right ...
I had only sent you for service at Federal Auto and Tokeo Motor...
Hoping you would get the best treatment ..
To make good whatever required so that you would always be in the best of health..
Giving service without a word of resentment ..

I have to depart with you with fine memories over the past six years..
I had handed over you to someone I know..
I hope you will continue serving humanity...
Hope you will always be loyal to your new owner..
May you live many more years to serve humans ..

Thank you very much my dear volvo ..