Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The End of One Journey

"Life is a journey where its end could just appear at any moment without any warning. Every second of our life and the air we breathe are bonus bestowed to us by Allah. It also reminds us to repent on our wrong-doings before we return to Him. I sincerely hope to share thought, opinions, hobbies with friends, colleagues and other bloggers and wish the sharing would be beneficial to everyone, Ameen."


It is with great sadness do I inform that this blog will not be having any new post. Early morning last Sunday, 11th January 2009, the owner of this blog, our beloved father, had passed away due to a heart attack.
We might continue to write here in place of ayah, but time will decide. For now, I ask everyone to present him with al-Fatihah & pray that Allah put his soul amongst those He love & promised heaven.